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What forms of communications do you handle?


The platform is able to support multiple forms of conversational data, i.e. when a person is talking to another person in a digitally mediated channel. Examples include emails, case management tickets, chats, call transcripts, surveys, reviews, case notes, amongst others.



How do you handle communications with attachments?


The platform interprets the core conversational contents of a conversation. For email conversations, subjects, body text and the thread are all considered but the contents of the attachments are not. The platform is able to identify when emails have attachments and their names, file types, and size. The names of the attachments can be displayed in the UI and can form part of the body of text from which the platform's models train. 

The objective of training a model is to create a set of training data that is as representative as possible of the dataset as a whole, so that the platform can accurately and confidently predict the relevant labels and entities for each verbatim. The labels and entities within a dataset should be intrinsically linked to the overall objectives of the use case and provide significant business value.



Can I upload data to the platform myself?


Yes, if you have sufficient permissions you can use our APIs to add data to the platform, or you can add data to a source via CSV upload.



What volumes of data can the platform support and is there a limit?


The storage of data in the platform can be scaled to suit the needs of our clients, and allowed volume usage is dependent on agreed licence terms. Usage within the maximum volume agreed in the license is completely acceptable. Exceeding the maximum volume will require a discussion and may incur additional cost. 



How long does the platform store my data for?

The platform will not automatically delete historical data. Older data can be removed by your Communications Mining Administrator if required. 



How can I export my data from the platform so that I can use elsewhere?


Users can export their data from the platform via CSV or using the platform's APIs. Detailed explanations of how this can be done are shown in our how-to guides as well as our API documentation. The platform will not automatically delete historical data. Older data can be removed by your Communications Mining administrator if required.



How do I create my own datasets?


Once you have logged in you will be taken to the Datasets page where you can create your own dataset, if you have the associated permissions to do so. See here for a detailed explanation on how to do this.



How can I connect to the API?


You can access our API documentation under our Help menu, or by clicking herePlease see our Navigating the platform guide for additional instructions on accessing the Help menu. 


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