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Export a dataset

User permissions required: 'Export datasets' (for full export)


A user can export the verbatims and associated label predictions directly from the GUI as a CSV file. If they have the 'Export datasets' permission they can export the entire dataset (or a subset based on filters). If they don't, they'll only be able to download the current page of verbatims in Explore.


To export data from the platform:


  • Navigate to Explore and click the export button next to the mode selector in the top-right corner of the page (as shown below)
  • This will give you the option to export only the current page of verbatims in Explore, or all verbatims that match the current filters that you have applied in Explore (e.g. a given time period, or a metadata property such as NPS score > 8)
  • If you apply a label filter, this acts as a sort order for the verbatims in the CSV download, ordered by the confidence score of the selected label applying to that verbatim
  • After selecting 'Just this page' or 'All matching verbatims', this will trigger a CSV download of your data

Export dataset dropdown

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