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Navigating Re:infer


Re:infer has two navigation menus (highlighted below): the dataset navigation bar on the left-hand side and Global action menu in the top right-hand corner.


Please Note: until you select a dataset from the Datasets page, the dataset navigation bar will be greyed out and will not provide access to the different feature pages.



 Datasets page with navigation menus highlighted

Global action menu


The Global action menu is the only way to access certain features in the platform, including the Sources, Manage Account and Organisations pages. From here users can also access the Datasets page, the API documentation, and sign-out of the platform.

The image below shows the Global action menu elements, accessed by clicking on your username in the top-right-hand corner of the window.



Dropdown options in the Global action menu


  • Datasets - Navigates to the Datasets page
  • Sources - Navigates to the Sources page
  • Manage Account - Lets you manage your account
  • Projects - Navigates to the Projects page
  • API Docs - Navigates to our API docs and integration guides
  • Support - Navigates to our Support portal and Knowledge Base
  • Sign out - Signs you out of the platform


Navigating a dataset 

User permissions required: ‘View Sources’

Once a dataset has been selected, the dataset navigation bar will be enabled, allowing you to navigate to the following pages:


Dataset navigation bar guide

You'll find an overview of all of these pages in the other articles in this Platform Guide, and explanations of how to use all of them in the more detailed sections of the Knowledge Base.

Changing datasets

User permissions required: ‘View Sources’


To change which dataset you are viewing, you can either:

  • Use the   button (as shown below) to immediately navigate back to the Datasets page, or click the Global action menu
  • Click the dataset name in the upper left of the page to quickly switch between datasets (as shown below)




Changing Datasets

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