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For information on how to access manage your own account, as well as how to manage users within your projects in the platform.

Create a new project

User permissions required: 'Tenant Admin'

Projects can be thought of as restricted workspaces. Sources and datasets are both linked to specific projects when they are created, and users must be part of a project (and have the correct user permissions) to view any of the data linked to it.


Please Note: For Automation Cloud users, every tenant has a 'Default Project' that all users within the tenant have access to. Before uploading data, creating datasets and training models, it's strongly recommended to create a new project with access limited to only those individuals who require access to that data. Once created, it's difficult to move data sources and datasets into different projects.



To create a new project, follow the steps outlined below:


A Communications Mining Admin will need to navigate to the Communications Mining ‘Administration’ page and: (A) click the cog icon in the top right section of your page, then (B) navigate to the ‘Manage Access’ tab. 





On the ‘Manage Access’ tab, the Communications Mining Admin will then need to: (1) Click the ‘All projects’ button in the top left to open the ‘Manage your projects’ pane, and then (2) click the ‘New’ button to create a new project. 


You will then be prompted to fill out the following information around the dataset: 



1Give your project a nameGive your project a clear, distinguishable name. Once you’ve set the project name, you cannot change it.
2Choose the founding userYou will be prompted to select a founding user from the list of users currently in the platform. If you are an admin, you can put yourself as the founding user and add any subsequent users to the platform after. If you select someone else as a founding user, they will need to add you to the project.
3Provide a title and description for the project (optional)Provide a clear, distinguishable title and description for your project.



'All Projects' modal


Once the project has been created you can then proceed to create/add users, data sources, and datasets on the given project on the newly created project.


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