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Default user permissions

When a new user is created or added to a new organisation within Re:infer, they are granted certain default permissions. These permissions will be the same whether you are an existing user added to an organisation, or a new user that has been created by an existing user.

The default permissions for every user in a given organisation are 'View labels' and 'View sources'. 

These essentially grant you the ability to access (non-sensitive) datasets within that organisation and see the verbatims (which belong to sources) as well as the labels associated with those verbatims.

These permissions will not grant you the ability to apply or remove labels within a dataset. To be able to do this, among many other things, you will need to be granted additional permissions by another user within the organisation that has the 'Modify userspermission.

For a more detailed explanation of the different user permissions within Re:infer, see here.

To understand more about how to update a user's permissions, see here.

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