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Chart buttons

User permissions required: ‘View Sources’ AND ‘View Labels’


Beneath each chart you’ll see a number of buttons when you hover over it with your mouse. These buttons allow you to change the chart view and are tailored to each graph. 


The buttons available change depending on the exact chart type. They are a reflection of the current view shown in the chart, and so in some instances clicking them will change the mode to an alternative view, and the button displayed will also update.


Chart manipulation buttons


Add this chart to your dashboard

Option to download an image of the chart, download the raw data for the chart as CSV, or add chart to your dashboard

Show percentages

Show totals

Display as column/bar chart

Display as line chart

Display as scatter graph

Display as doughnut chart

Sort by prominence

Sort alphabetically 

Sort reverse alphabetically

View labels with the biggest changes in rank

Change the number of labels displayed


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