User permissions required: ‘View Sources’ AND ‘View Labels’


The Compare page can be used to compare cohorts of verbatims and conduct A/B testing. This functionality has many useful applications, such as testing the impact of a new marketing initiative or change programme over a time series, or between different regions or customer groups.


To compare two different cohorts:

  • Navigate to the Compare page via the left-hand dataset navigation bar
  • Click the  icon next to the group title or at the top of the page to open up the filter modal(s)
  • For each group, you can filter by date range, or any of the metadata fields associated with your data

Filter modal guide

The filter choices are:

  • 'All' - Resets the date filter to not filtered
  • 'After' - Select the start of a date filter
  • 'Before' - Select the end of a date filter
  • '+ Add a new filter' - Add metadata filters
  • 'Copy filters from Group B' - Copy the filters from one group to the other

Compare page with top right-hand filter button selected

Once you’ve set the filters, you can see a comparison between the two groups, which shows per label:

  • Total count - across all verbatims in both Group A and Group B
  • Proportion (%) – the percentage of the verbatims in both Group A and Group B with this label
  • Differences (%) – the proportional differences for each label between Group A and Group B

Default Compare page

Sorting the comparison table:

  • The comparison table is sorted as default in descending order by proportion % in Group A 
  • You can sort the table in ascending or descending order for any of the value columns by clicking the column name and then clicking the arrow that appears -
  • Click it again to switch between the two


Label filter:

  • You can further filter what you are shown in Compare by using the label filter bar at the top left-hand corner of the page. Type in a root or leaf label that you want to see displayed in the label column and all other labels will be filtered out.

Label filter bar

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