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Update or delete a stream

User permissions required: ‘Modify streams’ (to update) OR ‘Streams admin’ (to delete)


UPDATE: 'Streams' were previously known as 'Triggers' in the platform. They've been renamed to better reflect the functionality that they provide for our users. This name change won't affect existing API routes. The trigger routes still exist, and new streams routes have been added that are identical in functionality. We'll gradually migrate our customers to these new streams routes in the coming months.

When should you update a stream?


There are a few reasons why you should update a stream:

  1. You want to adjust the thresholds for the same model version, to change the output of predictions
  2. When a new model version is created via additional training and you want to leverage the output from the latest (pinned) version, then you should update the stream to include the new version.


Please Note: If updating a stream to a new pinned model version, you should also adjust all of the label thresholds to maximise performance from the new version.

How to update a stream


  • Navigate to the Streams page
  • Click the cog button in the right-hand corner of the stream card that you want to update 
  • Amend any of the fields in the ‘Edit stream’ modal
    • Most commonly, it will be adjusting thresholds, or changing the pinned model version that the stream is based on
    • This includes updating thresholds, which should be done whenever switching to a new pinned model version
  • Click the tick button to save your changes:
    • As soon as you do, the updates will take effect in the stream


Edit stream modal 

How to delete a stream


  • Follow the process above but instead of changing any of the stream’s properties, click the delete (bin) button
  • Then hit confirm in the ‘Delete stream’ modal to confirm your decision


Please Note: To delete a stream, you will require the ‘Streams admin’ permission, whereas to update a stream, you only require the ‘Modify streams’ permission.


Delete stream modal


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