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Create a stream

User permissions required: 'Streams admin'

UPDATE: 'Streams' were previously known as 'Triggers' in the platform. They've been renamed to better reflect the functionality that they provide for our users. This name change won't affect existing API routes. The trigger routes still exist, and new streams routes have been added that are identical in functionality. We'll gradually migrate our customers to these new streams routes in the coming months.

Please Note: To just view the streams assigned to a dataset, users require the ‘View Streams’ permission. Without this permission, users will not even see the Streams page in the dataset navigation menu.


Create a stream


To create a stream you will first need to have a Pinned Model.

To create a stream, click the 'New stream +' button at the top of the streams page, which will open the ‘Create a stream’ modal.

Create stream modal

Here you can:


  • Give the stream a title and a description
  • Set an API name 
  • Specify the model (labeller) version to use (this is very important)
  • Use the filters bar on the left-hand-side to set user-property filters which must be satisfied for verbatims to enter the queue for the stream
  • Select a label and a confidence threshold as per below: 


Setting a confidence threshold


Setting a threshold means that for the verbatim to enter the queue for the stream the platform must predict that label with a confidence equal to or greater than the threshold you set. 


When setting a threshold, the platform will predict the number of false positives and false negatives the stream would get wrong or miss. 

You should then click the tick button to create your stream. 

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