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The new 'Train' feature provides a fully guided label training experience for users. 

The main page of Train provides useful information regarding the training done so far, the performance of the model, and a list of prioritised next best training actions to take (similar to the Validation page).


Train home page for a partially trained dataset



When users select a training action to take, they are taken to a specific 'training batch' interface, which breaks up the training into short, easy-to-consume sessions. 

At the end of the batch, you're provided with a summary of the training actions taken (see below), and can then choose your next session by selecting another recommended action. 

Summary of training actions completed during a training batch


Please Note: The training that you complete will trigger a re-training, and the next best actions will also update as soon as possible, however, the same actions may still appear on screen if more sessions of them are required. It's perfectly normal to do multiple sessions of the same recommended action, and you don't have to wait for new actions to appear to jump into another similar session.


If users prefer to train without the platform's guidance, they can disable this and select themselves which sessions to complete. For more detail, see the section below.

Using Train without guidance enabled

The default setting for the Train page is to have platform guidance enabled, as this is our recommendation. 


If you're a confident model trainer, however, and you know the actions that you want to take already, you can disable the guidance using the toggle in the top right-hand of the page (see below).


 Toggle for enabling/disabling platform guidance

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