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Knowledge Base

Getting Started

Navigating the platform


The platform has two main navigation menus (highlighted below): the navigation bar, and the admin console in the top right-hand corner.


Please Note: until you select a dataset from the Datasets page, you will not see a navigation bar.   



 Train tab with navigation menus highlighted

Admin console

On the Admin Console you can access 'Sources', 'Integrations', 'Manage Access', and 'My Account'. 

The image below shows the Admin console elements, accessed by clicking on the cog in the top-right-hand corner of the window.



Admin console


  • Sources - Navigates to the Sources page, where you can create or update sources for your project 
  • Integrations - Navigates to the Integrations page, where you can create and manage integrations
  • Manage Access - Navigates to the Projects page, where you can create a new project or add a user to an existing project
  • My Account - Navigates to the My Accounts page, where you can see your account details (including what permissions you have for each project) and access your API token 


Navigating a dataset 

User permissions required: ‘View Sources’

Once a dataset has been selected, you can navigate to the following pages using the top navigation bar: 

  • Train: Provides a fully guided label training experience for users
  • Discover: Use unsupervised learning and search to discover new labels 
  • Explore: "Explore" a dataset's verbatims, apply labels and entities, and edit your taxonomy 
  • Validation: Inspect and monitor the model's accuracy statistics 
  • Reports: Detailed, queryable reports and charts
  • Models: View, pin, or roll back model versions 
  • Streams: View, create, and modify streams 
  • Settings: General dataset settings, label and entity configurations, dataset statistics 


Navigation bar seen at the top of the page

You'll find an overview of all of these pages in the other articles in this Platform Guide, and explanations of how to use all of them in the more detailed sections of the Knowledge Base.

Help menu 

On the help menu (accessible via the '?' symbol in the top right), you can access a number of useful resources including: 

  • CM Support - Navigates to the Communications Mining knowledge base, which contains various support articles on how to use the platform 
  • CM API Docs - Navigates to the Communications Mining developer documentation  
  • CM Training Academy - Navigates to the Communications Mining academy courses and training pathways 
  • Community Team - Navigates to the UiPath community forum
  • UiPath Academy - Navigates to the UiPath academy 
  • YouTube tutorials - Navigates to the UiPath video tutorials 
  • Release notes - Navigates to the UiPath product release notes 
  • Support - Navigates to the UiPath product documentation and guides 
  • Downloads - Navigates to downloadable UiPath resources  

Changing datasets

User permissions required: ‘View Sources’


To change which dataset you are viewing, you can either:

  • Click the 'UiPath Communications Mining' logo on the upper left to immediately navigate back to the Datasets page
  • Click the dataset name in the upper left of the page to quickly switch between datasets (as shown below)




Changing Datasets

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