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Manage Accounts & Access

For information on how to access manage your own account, as well as how to manage users within your projects in the platform.

Account Management (Legacy Access)

Signing in

For details on signing in to the platform for the first time (i.e. activating your account), please see here.


To access the platform as an existing user, navigate to your Communications Mining URL in your browser and click 'Sign In' at the top right of the page.


If you're using a machine and browser that you've previously signed into the platform on, you'll be directed to a screen like in the image below:


Login for existing users on a previously used machine and browser


If you're already signed in, clicking 'Go to [company name]' will take you through to the datasets page. Navigating directly to the URL of [company name] will also do this.

If you're logged out but have signed in before, clicking the button will prompt you to enter the following:


  • Username or email address.
  • Password - the password you created.
  • 2FA code - the 6-digit code generated for your account in the Google Authenticator app (see here for setup details)

After entering your details, click 'Sign In'.



If 2FA codes aren’t working

This problem most commonly occurs when the clock on your device is out of sync. Please follow these troubleshooting instructions. 

Signing out


To sign out of the platform, follow simply click on your username in the top right-hand corner of the page and then click ‘Sign Out’ from the drop-down action menu that appears.



‘Sign out’ button

Resetting your password or 2FA

If you have forgotten your password (or need to set up your 2FA again), you can do so from the login page. 

To do so click 'Reset password' which will allow you to input your email to receive a password reset email, as seen below.

Password reset request page


Once you receive your email, as shown below, simply follow the link to create a new password. 



Password reset email


Once you have set your new password (see here for more details on this), you will also be asked to set up Google's two-factor authentication again for your account (see here for more details on how to do this).

Please Note: to avoid any confusion, you should delete the existing entry in the Google Authenticator app before setting up the new one (as otherwise you would have 2 with the same name, and only one will work).

Changing your password 

If you decide you want to change your password, you can do so on the My Account page in the Administration section of the platform.


Simply enter your current password in the ‘Change Password’ box, enter a new password below it, and then confirm the new password in the final box as shown below.

Please note that this password change process is only for non-Automation Cloud users. If you are an Automation Cloud user, you will be signing into the platform via the Automation Cloud SSO and will not need to enter in a password to access the platform.  


'My Account' page

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