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Entity filtering

User permissions required: 'View Sources' AND 'View labels'


Just as you can for labels, you can now filter verbatims by whether they have entities predicted or assigned, both in Explore and Reports. All of the entities you have enabled on your dataset will appear as shown below in the filter bar. Assigning entities is covered in detail in the next article in this section here.


Entity filter bar


The default state is shown above, whereby no filter is applied and all verbatims will be shown (unless another filter is applied).

To update the entity filter, use the buttons explained below. They change colour when selected:


Select verbatims that have assigned entities
Select verbatims that have entities predicted


If you wish to filter to verbatims that have any entities assigned or predicted, use the buttons at the top (as shown above). If you want to filter to verbatims with specific entities assigned or predicted, hover over the entity in question and the same two buttons will appear to the right.

When filtering to specific entities, you can make multiple selections. For instance, you could filter to see verbatims that have a date entity assigned and a monetary quantity predicted (as shown below).


Entity filter bar with assigned date and predicted monetary quantity entities selected


To remove your selection, simply click the button again, or to remove multiple selections, click 'All'. You can also click 'Clear All' at the top of the filter bar, but this will clear every filter you have selected, not just entity filters.


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