User permissions required: ‘Datasets admin’

To create a new dataset, navigate to the datasets page and then:

  • Click  which reveals a modal to create the new dataset


New Dataset modal



Complete the form with all the relevant information:

  • Use the dropdown menu where it says 'training' in this example to select who has access to this dataset. You can assign the dataset to any of the organisations you are a member of

  • Give the dataset a useful, descriptive name, using hyphens instead of spaces

  • Use the title and description boxes to provide more information on the dataset you’re creating. It’s good practice to reference the data sources and the purpose of the analysis

  • Select all the sources which you wish to connect to the dataset

  • Please Note:
    • You can add up to 20 individual sources to a dataset in the GUI
    • Sources can sit in a different organisation to a dataset. As long as users have the appropriate permissions in each organisation, they will be able to see the verbatims and label as usual.
    • If there are multiple sources in a dataset, they should share a similar intended purpose for your analysis

  • Enable or disable sentiment analysis. With Sentiment analysis enabled every label in the taxonomy has an associated positive or negative sentiment

  • Select any entities you wish to enable – e.g. value dates or organisations

  • You can also choose to copy an existing taxonomy from another dataset 


  • Click


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