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Create a data source in the GUI

User permissions required: 'Sources admin'


Creating a Source in the GUI essentially sets up an empty source with defined properties (as shown below), that data can then be uploaded to via the API. The setup of this source can also be done via the API (see here), however, this method may be easier for non-technical users to easily define their source properties, before a technical user uploads the data.


Please Note: This does not cover how to upload data to a source via the API. For details on this, please see the relevant section of the API docs here.


To create a data source in the GUI:


  • Navigate to the 'Sources' page via the Admin console
  • Select the 'New Source' button at the top of the page
  • Fill in the required source properties, which include:
    1. Source project
    2. Source name
    3. Source title
    4. Source description
    5. Sensitive properties (that require the ‘View sensitive data’ permission to view)
    6. Language
    7. Translation enabled or disabled (required 'Create translated sources' permission)
  • Click the ‘Create source’ button


Create source modal

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