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Searching for verbatims

User permissions required: ‘View Sources’ AND ‘View Labels’


You can use search in either Explore or Discover (switching from cluster mode via the dropdown menu) to search for verbatims containing specific terms or phrases. The platform highlights occurrences of your search terms within the verbatims (as shown below).


You can then review predicted labels or apply your own labels to the verbatims.

Search in Explore vs. Discover

  • The key difference between searching in Discover and Explore, are that in Discover you can label search results in bulk (just like labelling clusters), whilst in Explore you label them individually
  • Unlike Discover, however, Explore returns an approximate total number of verbatims that match your search term (as shown below) - this can be very useful when trying to gauge how many examples there may be in your dataset before creating a label, if there are terms very closely linked to the label concept



Example search query in Explore




Example search query in Discover


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