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User permissions required: ‘View Sources’ AND ‘View Labels’


The Validations page allows you to view statistics on the performance of the model associated with your data.


The main Validation page shows:


  • The training set size – i.e. the number of verbatims on which the model was trained
  • The test set size – i.e. the number of verbatims on which the model was evaluated
  • Number of labels – i.e. the total number of labels in your taxonomy
  • Mean precision at recall – a graph showing the average precision at a given recall value across all labels 
  • Mean average precision – a statistic showing the average precision across all labels
  • A chart showing, across all labels, the average precision per label vs. training set size


Main Validation page


The Validation page also allows users to select individual labels to drill-down into their performance.


After selecting a label, users can see the average precision for that label, as well as the precision vs. recall for that label based on a given confidence threshold (which users can adjust themselves).



Label specific validation charts


To understand more about how Validation actually works and how to use it, see here.

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