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Manage Account 


The Manage Account page is accessible via the Global action menu. From the Manage Account page you can:

  • View your account information 
  • View the organisations you belong to and your user permissions for each organisation, e.g. for the ‘Operations’ organisation in Figure 19 above
  • View, revoke and refresh your API Token. ReInfer API docs can be viewed here
  • Change your password
  • Sign out


Manage Account page



User permissions required: ‘View users’ or ‘Modify users’

The Organisations page is accessible via the Global action menu. The Organisations page allows you to select an organisation to see (and search for) other users in that organisation. 


Users can select the correct organisation via the drop-down menu on the top left of the page (showing as ‘Operations’ below).

In the organisations column on the page, users can see the other organisations that each user belongs to, as long as they themselves are also in those organisations.


For users with the ‘Modify users’ permission, you can also create new users and delete existing users on this page, as well as updating their permissions.


Organisations page

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