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Model Training & Maintenance

Guides on how to create, improve and maintain Models in Communications Mining, using platform features such as Discover, Explore and Validation

Importing your taxonomy

You can upload your taxonomy to the Communications Mining platform from a spreadsheet, which will automatically import all labels without having to manually add them during model training. 

Step-by-step guide to import your taxonomy:

  1. Click on the Settings page on the navigation bar
  2. Click on ‘Labels & Entities’ 
  3. Click on the + icon
  4. Click on ‘Import Labels’
  5. Copy-paste your labels (Parent label > Child label format) and their descriptions (if available)
  6. Click on ‘Import’

Accessing 'Import labels' feature

Note: You can also add some pre-trained labels in this step. Pre-trained labels (such as OOO, Thank-you, Urgent, Chaser, etc.) are generic concepts that have been pre-trained on a large pool of data.

Example input when importing labels to Communications Mining

Note: It’s highly recommended to add label descriptions to your labels to ensure labelling consistency, which is particularly helpful if you have several people training the model.

Example output when importing labels to Communications Mining

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