Reviewed verbatims


We call verbatims that a user has applied labels to ‘reviewed’. In Explore and Discover we show which verbatims have been reviewed by styling them as seen below. Reviewed verbatims are shaded blue and have ‘REVIEWED’ in the top right-hand corner.


A screenshot of a cell phone

Description automatically generated

A survey response verbatim that has been manually ‘Reviewed’ by a Re:infer user. The user applied two labels to this verbatim: ‘Customer Service > Tone / Manners’ and ‘Pricing > Value’


Unreviewed verbatims


Unreviewed verbatims are all of the verbatims that have not been manually reviewed and labelled by a user. Unreviewed verbatims will likely have predicted labels associated with them, with various confidence levels, but these predictions have not been confirmed by a human.

An example verbatim that has not yet been reviewed

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