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Model Training & Maintenance

Guides on how to create, improve and maintain Models in Communications Mining, using platform features such as Discover, Explore and Validation

Overview of the model training process

Training a model can be broken down into a three phase process:

In the first instance, it's good practice to go through these steps in order, but this can be an iterative process. You may find in time that for different labels, you may chop and change the different steps as you become more familiar with the platform.



Discover is where similar intents, patterns and conversation themes are grouped together into ‘clusters’. This is the starting point and is used to quickly build an initial model where you analyse your data and tag each cluster with one or more label that applies.



After reviewing clusters in Discover, Explore is used to further train your model. Most of your time will be spent here reviewing verbatims, adding labels, and improving the model’s understanding of your data. 



This stage is used to assess and improve the overall performance of your model. In this stage, the platform provides guided feedback on the health of your model via the Model Rating, including performance issues and the next best actions to resolve them.

Discover, Explore and Refine phase can now be completed using the Train tab. For more information, see this page.

Prune / Re-organise


This is a part of the model training process that you can do at any time - renaming, merging or deleting labels as you go through the process. The process is explained in detail here in the Explore section.

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