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Rearranging a dashboard

User permissions required: ‘View Sources’ AND ‘View Labels’


The charts and visuals you add to a dashboard can be rearranged by clicking the top of the chart and dragging and dropping them wherever you want on the page.


The Dashboard page layout is defined by a column system – between 1 and 6 columns wide depending on the size of your screen. A smaller laptop screen may only fit 3 columns, whilst a much larger screen or TV could fit 6.


This means that, depending on how you resize them, the width of any of your charts will snap to be any number between 1 and 6 columns wide. If your screen only accommodates 3 columns, you could have a chart that is 1 column wide side by side with a chart that is 2 columns wide, or 3 that are 1 column wide, and so on.


Vertically, the charts can be whatever height you want. To see how to adjust them, see ‘Resizing charts’.

For example, the dashboard shown below is 4 columns wide. You can see charts of different column widths next to each other, as well as the charts being different heights to each other.



Example customised Dashboard page


Please Note:


  • When you set up the arrangement of a dashboard, this will be for the specific screen width you are using at the time (e.g. 3 columns)
  • If you regularly switch between 2 differently sized screens, you should set an arrangement for each of those screen sizes
  • The platform will then automatically revert between the two depending on which screen you’re using at the time
  • The first time you switch to a new screen size, the dashboard will arrange all of the charts in a vertical list as default

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