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Filtering charts

User permissions required: ‘View Sources’ AND ‘View Labels’


In Reports you can also use the filter bar and label bar to manipulate the charts.


Filter bar and adding or removing filters:


The filter bar works in the same way as in Explore, see the previous description here for more information. Within Reports, however, it is not possible to filter by 'Reviewed' or 'Unreviewed' status.

It's important to remember that you can add multiple filters (including multiple metadata fields) in Reports (and Explore), and that all of the filters will be applied universally to each chart on the page (some charts like the label tree map summary chart won't change though). 


Label bar


Again, the label bar in Reports works in very much the same way as in Explore, see the previous description here for more information. In Reports, however, users can filter on multiple labels, to update charts to incorporate multiple labels, rather than only one in Explore.

Time filtering


There are two other methods for filtering the time period in reports; using the dropdown menu in the upper right, or by selecting an area within a time-series chart. 


In both the Trends and Segments tab you can select the time period to filter by selecting from the dropdown menu in the upper right:


  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly


Time period filter dropdown


To filter the time period by selecting an area on the chart:


  • Select a chart that shows a trend over time
  • Highlight a time period on the chart by clicking your mouse at the start of the time period you want to filter and drag it to the point in time you want to finish on 
  • This will filter the chart for the specific time period that you highlighted


Example time period filter using the highlight method


Once the chart refreshes you will see the time period you selected has automatically been applied to the time filter in the filter bar on the left.



Time filter on the filter bar

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