User permissions required: 'Triggers admin'

Please Note: To just view the triggers assigned to a dataset, users require the ‘View Triggers’ permission. Without this permission, users will not even see the triggers page in the dataset navigation menu.

Create a trigger

To create a trigger you will first need to have a Pinned Model.

To create a trigger, click the  button at the top of the triggers page, which will open the ‘Create trigger’ modal.

Create trigger modal

Here you can:

  • Give the trigger a title and a description
  • Set an API name 
  • Specify the model version to use (this is very important)
  • Use the filters bar on the left-hand-side to set user-property filters which must be satisfied for verbatims to enter the queue for the trigger
  • Select a label and a confidence threshold as per below: 

Setting a confidence threshold

Setting a threshold means that for the verbatim to enter the queue for the trigger Re:infer must predict that label with a confidence equal to or greater than the threshold you set. 


When setting a threshold Re:infer will predict the number of false positives and false negatives the trigger would get wrong or miss. 

You should then use the   button to create your trigger.


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