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Manage Accounts & Access

For information on how to access manage your own account, as well as how to manage users within your projects in the platform.

Updating user permissions

User permissions required: ‘Modify users’ 


To edit another user’s permissions:


  • Navigate to the admin console (the cog on the top right), and click the 'Manage Access' tab. Select the project you'd like to update user(s) permissions in. 
  • Click anywhere in the permissions section of the user card for the user in question (as seen below)


Edit user modal


  • You will then be presented with the edit user permissions modal as seen below
  • Here you can scroll through all of the permissions (full list here) and select or deselect them for the user - the permission is highlighted green when granted, and grey when not (see below)


Please Note: you will only be able to assign permissions to a user that you yourself already have. If you want to assign permissions that you do not have, you will need your project’s administrator to first assign those permissions to you, or update the user themselves.



Edit user permissions modal

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