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What is Re:infer and what do we do?


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What is Re:infer?



Re:infer is a Communications Intelligence Platform — it turns unstructured electronic communications data (e.g. emails, chat instant messages, log notes, survey responses, annotations, call transcripts, etc.) into structured data to drive action and insights in your organisation. The Re:infer platform leverages state-of-the-art, proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology for this task. 

NLP is a field of Machine Learning that focuses on building systems that can automatically understand and process natural language data similarly to the way humans can. Machine Learning itself is a subject within Artificial Intelligence that studies how algorithms can learn and iteratively improve automatically by analysing data.


In the Re:infer platform, business users can train Re:infer to interpret their communications data, recognising and extracting only the most pertinent and business relevant information for their organisation and business problems. The entire training process of creating models bespoke to each user's business is completed in our zero-code user interface and requires no programming or Machine Learning experience at all.


What do we do?


Re:infer harnesses the power of your conversations and helps make every conversation valuable. We enable you to understand each message in real time, and use that insight to drive efficiency and deliver elevated customer experiences.





Re:infer is optimised for all common business communication channels. Create real-time connections across all the channels within your business



Re:infer understands human language. We read every message to automatically discover patterns in your conversations — finding frequently occurring questions, requests, processes and themes. Re:infer works fast; we deliver value in hours, not months.



Re:infer learns from you and your data. The zero-code interface empowers business users to teach Re:infer the specifics of your business. Re:infer becomes completely tailored to you, and improves constantly in real time.



Re:infer converts each message into structured data. Re:infer’s built-in analytics are displayed in a customisable report which gives you insight into processes, customer issues and change opportunities. From there, we can trigger automated actions such as routing, triage, alerts, case creation, and transactional responses.


How does this help our customers?

Re:infer is typically used to drive use cases for either analytics, automation, or both. Models built for automation use cases are still a great source of regular operational insights and KPIs for our customers.

Re:infer's models help:



Here are some of the typical business problems our clients are using Re:infer to help solve:


  • They struggle to understand the processes occurring within opaque communication channels such as shared email inboxes that are responsible for a hugely significant proportion of the work their teams are doing
  • It's very difficult to effectively identify, quantify and prioritise process improvements and transformation opportunities within these communication channels, without a tool that helps them do this at scale
  • They spend significant amounts of time and money on manually triaging inbound communications (emails, support tickets, etc.) to the right teams or workflow queues
  • The scope of traditional automation software is limited by struggling to handle non-standard communications within an automated process
  • They lack insight into feedback from their wealth of feedback across multiple channels from customers and clients


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